Elmet training center for technical jobs and external apprentices in Oftering (Upper Austria - Linz)!

Many companies want to train apprentices, but cannot cover the entire training program for the profession. Reasons may include:

  • the equipment of the company is to highly developed and cannot provide the required basics.
  • the company lacks the high technical component to form the apprentice in an adequate way.
  • the company cannot provide sufficient qualified instructors available for certain topics.

ELMET offer a training center for technical jobs and external apprentices in our headquarter in Oftering (Upper Austria - Linz)!

ELMET therefore offers the following trainings with matched duration between 3 days and 12 months for apprentices of other companies:

  • Quality Management/Quality Assurance
  • Basic Training Metal
  • Drill
  • Basics of Machining
  • Conventional drilling
  • Conventional milling
  • Surface grinding
  • CNC technology
  • Final exam preparation in metal professions
  • Aptitude tests for candidates
  • Pneumatics
Elmet Elastomer - National awarded training company for technical oriented trainings for external apprentices in Oftering (Upper Austria - Linz)


TOP TEN apprentice employer

2013 ELMET was awarded from the Chamber of Commerce and the Federal Ministry of Economics as TOP TEN training company in the category 20-249 employees.

Elmet - Fit for Future award as TOP 10 training company in Oftering (Upper Austria - Linz) from the chamber of commerce and the federal ministry of economics

TOP training company

ELMET won another award in November 2011 from the "Austrian economy assosiation". The exemplary training and provision of apprentices allows ELMET to call itself a "top training company".

ELmet Elastomer - TOP training company award in Oftering (Upper Austria - Linz) from the austrian economy assosiation

exemplary apprentice company

The Chamber of Commerce classified ELMET as "exemplary apprentice company".

Elmet Elastomere - Award as exemplary apprentice company in Oftering (Upper Austria - Linz) by the WKO
Elmet Elastomere - Your top training center for technical oriented jobs in Oftering (Upper Austria - Linz)
Elmet Elastomer - Your contact person for TOP apprenticeships in Oferting (Upper Austria - Linz)-Günther Öllinger (Training manager)

Günther Öllinger

Manager Training Center

In the past years ELMET has provided approx. 2000 training hours for partner companies and education institutes.

Learn more about the offers of the ELMET training center and state promotions in our information flyer.