Elmet is your leading specialist for LSR Elastomer demolding systems worldwide!

Handling comes from "hand"

Elastic parts with complex surfaces are manipulated best by hand. If this is not possible for safety or economic reasons, ELMET uses demolding devices that are precisely tailored to the requirements of the part and the mold.

No matter if simple demolding of the parts with dropping into a collecting container, targeted displacement at a defined point or feed to the next process step, such as optical examination or slitter.

All these facts make ELMET to your leading specialist for LSR (liquid silicone rubber) elastomer demolding systems worldwide!

Elmet Elastomer - Your Specialist for high grade LSR liquid silicone Demolding Systems - Pneumatic Main Axis

Pneumatic main axis

To align the demolding head accurately with the cavity, ELMET uses precision guides and addionally centers the mechanism at the open mold, if nescessary. The system is controlled via a pluggable interface by the controller of the injection molding machine.

Elmet Elastomer - Your leading Partner for high grade LSR liquid silicone Demolding Systems- Servoelectrical Main Axis


To optimize cycle time, ELMET sets a servo main axis in high-performance applications. The regulation hardware and the control interface of ELMET communicate with the machine control via the standardized handling interface.

Elmet Elastomere - Your leading Specialist for LSR liquid silicone Demolding Systems worldwide- Robot Based Gripperhead


When inserting or transferring parts or pre-molded parts or when a precise drop of produced parts is required, usually a multi-axis robot is used. Which type depends on the customer's technical requirements and preferences.

Elmet Elastomere - Your leading manufacturer for LSR liquid silicone demolding systems worldwide - Variable demolding systems


Depending on the mold concept and produced part, ELMET uses gripper, sucker, ejector, rotor or brush demolding heads. These are mounted on the main axis or the robot arm and debugged together with the mold.