Elmet is your leading specialist for LSR (liquid silicone rubber) color and additiv lines worldwide!

Adjusted to the customer's requirements

Color pigments and additives have a great influence on the quality of the raw material and are usually very expensive. The ELMET color and additive lines achieve very high precision because the metering is matched to the actually measured flow rate of the A and B component.

This precision can be increased even further by the use of the control system. With this system the material flow of the color or additive is also measured and constantly re-adjusted to the admixed volume flow.

This makes ELMET to your leading specialist and partner for LSR (liquid silicone rubber) color and additive lines worldwide!

Additiv control

With the ELMET additiv control it is possible to admix color or additives with an accuracy of one-tenth of a percent and document the process. The system compensates deviations immediately and stops production if a mechanical failure or faulty operation occurs.

Additiv containers

Depending on the consumption of color or additive, ELMET offers different container sizes. The 0.7-liter (0.2 gal.) and 4-liter (1 gal.) convey the material by applying pressure. The 20-liter (5 gal.) unit is equipped with a additiv pump and an agitator.

Additiv valve

The ELMET additiv valve is known for its wear resistance and being easy to maintain. Depending on the required percentage and the shot weight a different amount of color or additive is supplied to the LSR material flow.