Elmet is your leading specialist for LSR processing units for mixing A & B LSR components worldwide!

Final blending

In the processing unit, the A and B components come in contact for the first time, further color or additive streams are added and mixed through a static mixer.

The liquid silicone rubber is compressed in the hoses by the high pumping pressure. Before the material flows into the cylinder of the injection molding maschine, the pressure is reduced by the pressure limiter and keeps the adjusted pressure niveau constantly. This works so perfectly that ELMET dosing systems can be used in an extrusion process, for example to wrap cables.

This makes ELMET to be your specialist and leading partner for LSR processing units for mixing A & B LSR components worldwide!

Shut-off valve

The shut-off valve is used to relieve the screw of the injection molding machine after dosing the material. This leads to a more stable process, because no material can flow through the cylinder in an uncontrolled way and additionally prevents the screw bearings from higher wear.


Inside the static mixer, the A & B component and other additive streams are mixed together. The homogenization of the components is an important part of the LSR process.


The cross-section of the processing unit 40D12 was chosen so that both large and small shot weights can be processed with the same processing unit. For applications with very low shot weights, the diameter of the material hoses can also be reduced.