Leading high grade turnkey solutions for LSR (liquid silicone rubber) injection molding worldwide!


A stable and economic production process largely depends on the quality of the process components. Equally important and often underestimated is the importance of coordination of the individual components to one another.

As a full system supplier, ELMET develops and manufactures all relevant elements for a LIM production cell in Austria in compliance with the strictest quality guidelines. Through years of experience ELMET is specialized in integrating its own product range with the appropriate injection molding machine and other automation components into a complete cell.

The customer specifies the part geometry and tolerances, the annual production volume and any further requirements. In a fixed-price offer ELMET presents the turnkey solution including all required components, as well as an extensive acceptance procedure and all necessary trainings.

This makes ELMET to your specialist and leading partner for high grade Turnkey Solutions for LSR (liquid silicone rubber) injection molding worldwide!


Each project and each part is different. Mold, injection molding machines, peripheral devices and automation must therefore be perfectly matched. ELMET provides the turnkey approach for an optimal production on the customer's site.


The heart of every turnkey plant is the injection mold. The focus of ELMET is always on the highest possible degree of automation. For optimal material utilization all molds from ELMET are equipped with a cold runner system.

Processing unit

Liquid silicone rubber is a compressible material and changes its viscosity as a function of temperature and shear. For this critical process of mixing the A and B components and providing them for dosing, ELMET offers a mature and easy-maintenable processing unit.


Through the constant supply of A and B component, the dosing system provides the foundation for a stable LIM process. > 99% guaranteed utilization of material and low power consumption make the TOP 3000 S today the state-of-the-art equipment for silicone processors.

LIM peripheral devices

Whether or not a process is stable and efficient, often depends on technical details that are easily overlooked. Therefore ELMET offers all peripheral components and thus ensures that the customer can rely on his production cell.

Injection molding machine

Although ELMET doesn't build injection molding machines we are experts when it comes to the specification and the usage of it. Whether the customer specifies a machine manufacturer or leaves this decision to ELMET, we take care that everything works.

Color & additive line

Depending on precision standards and documentation requirements, ELMET provides different color and additive lines at variable stages of development. The size of the color container and the use of mixers are also tailored to the customer's needs.

Worldwide Training

At the end of each project, ELMET demonstrates in an acceptance run the agreed scope of supply. To make sure that the customer is able to operate the ELMET products properly and successfully for a long time, ELMET offers in-house training, but also at the customer's site.

One-stop shopping

To mitigate the customer's risk when investing in a new production cell, ELMET offers turnkey solutions at a fixed price and delivery time and takes care not just about the injection mold but also about all necessary elements and interfaces.