Your leading partner for the production of high grade lsr elastomer parts, dosing systems and parts production!

Development and manufacture of high-quality equipment for the production of silicone and rubber components has been the focus of activities of the founders of ELMET from the very outset. Constant advancement of the range of products and of technologies has now turned ELMET into the FULL SYSTEM SUPPLIER.

As a small and committed team with a lot of experience in the areas of tool-making and the automation of the LIM (liquid injection molding) process, the founders’ dreams of being independent one day have come true. ELMET customers were thrilled from the beginning by their open and direct communication, extensive know-how and the tireless drive to expand the existing knowledge and try out new things. The knowledge that could be gained on striking an increasing number of new paths has currently materialized in the form of sophisticated and high-quality products that are implemented on a daily basis by very well trained and motivated staff. Due to the permanent development cycle that is constantly applied to products, production processes and staff, ELMET assures its global customers to meet the highest demands of full system solutions in the production of silicone and rubber components now and in the future.

This makes ELMET to your Specialist and leading partner for the production of high grade LSR Elastomer parts, dosing systems and parts production worldwide!

ELMET your specialist in manufacturing- and dosing liquid silicone & production of LSR Elastomer parts-video-preview