ELMET leading LSR Top 5000 P Dosing System- and Dosing Technique for manufacturing liquid silicone worldwide!

ELMET Dosing System TOP 5000 P

REDEFINING STANDARDS in Liquid Injection Molding!


Precision regarding all elements in the production cell is of the utmost importance in order to achieve the maximum quality of parts and process stability in liquid silicone injection molding. Precise mixing ratios between the two silicone components and the admixed additive flows are of the essence. The TOP 5000 P dosing system achieves the best values here.


Successful production of silicone parts requires economic use of material, space, working time and energy. ELMET therefore has always developed its dosing systems with an eye to fully using all possibilities in terms of efficiency and economic aspects. The new generation adds another clear improvement.


Due to the high costs and lack of plannability, production downtimes as a result of operating mistakes are a great risk in every production plant. The TOP 5000 P therefore had many ideas implemented to make it easy for the operating staff to properly operate the system and exclude potential error sources.

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TOP 5000 P - Highest Precision, Perfect Efficiency, Greatest safety & Revolutionary design!

The TOP 5000 P is known for the optimum mix of A and B component, >99% material utilization, material viscosities from 9 to 1000 Pas and the use of 200-liter drums (55 gal.) or 20-liter pails (5 gal.). First class quality, outstandingly economic and simplest user management will make our system to your first choice in choosing your leading LSR system worldwide!

Technical perfection - reduced to what is essential!

From the beginning, it was clear that all functions and the quality customers are used to from ELMET dosing systems must be maintained. All components were revised and redeveloped with a focus on process safety, efficiency and operability. The result is visually surprising and technically convincing!

Processing Unit - Maintenance optimized

From the time of component mixing, liquid silicone is reactive even at room temperature, which means that the parts in contact with the material require regular maintenance. The new processing unit by ELMET is made of anodized aluminum and has been developed with the target of performing maintenance as securely and quickly as possible.

Accesible and space-saving

Space is an essential resource in many production plants. If the spatial situation cannot be adjusted to growth, it is particularly important to optimally use the available space. The new machine concept of the TOP 5000 P permits using less easily accessible areas or setting up multiple machines in bulk without having to move the dosing system for every drum change.