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ELMET is an internationally active, high-end, full system & service supplier specializing in processing and dosing of liquid and solid silicone as well as the production of high-quality elastomer and multi-component parts. The key to our success is the perfectly coordinated combination of molds and dosing technology produced in-house. This also ensures ELMET market leadership in the development and production of complete turnkey systems.

As a biocompatible and extremely flexible material, silicone is suitable for many applications in everyday life. The fields of use are wide-ranging and the application possibilities almost endless.

Cosmetic components (e.g. scrubbers, brushes, scrapers, lipstick molds, etc.) • Shower heads • Baking molds • Baking equipment (cooking spoons, dough scrapers) • Seals for kitchen appliances • Functional parts • Control components • Dosing diaphragms for food and liquids (e.g. ketchup bottles)

Advanced logistics

For a stable supply chain to the customers, a sophisticated logistics is needed, which ensures that raw material is available at the right time in the right quantity and quality and the forecasted produced parts can be shipped accordingly.

Elmet Elastomer - Your leading partner for development & serial production of LSR Elastomer parts worldwide - Quality first

Quality first

In the high-volume production an intelligent inspection plan and careful quality control is of paramount importance. The ELMET employees are focused on ensuring the quality requirements at any time.

Elmet Elastomer - Your partner for development & serial production of high grade LSR Elastomer parts-Production Area

Production area

For the high quality production of silicone molding parts a clean environment and safe processes are needed. ELMET is certified to ISO / TS 16949 and is constantly working to improve the processes and to guarantee security of supply for customers.

Elmet Elastomer - Your leading Partner for high grade LSR liquid silicone Demolding Systems- Servoelectrical Main Axis

Cutting-edge equipment

Quality depends on the staff, but especially on the used equipment. For this reason, ELMET uses cutting-edge technology for all injection molding machines, dosing systems and peripheral components, such as cooling system, compressed air supply and tempering units.