Leading technical- and future oriented Apprenticeships with Elmet in Oftering (Upper Austria - Linz)!

ELMET is a very young and dynamic organization, which gives you the chance to get a good vocational training. As a state-certified training establishment, it is our desire to employ you in the company after your training, according to your competences and abilities.

The manufacturing and debugging of fully automated injection molds and associated peripheral devices demands highly qualified employees in all areas. To prevent the shortage of skilled labor, ELMET invests in a massive training program, in which about 35 young employees are trained permanently in the various different professions specified.

The training takes place in a "dual training system", which teaches both the theoretical (vocational college) as well as the practical part of the vocational training.

The company will take over the costs for school and college. In addition, ELMET will reward the apprentices for particularly good academic achievements with a success bonus.

Elmet Elastomere - Top apprenticeships in Oftering (Upper Austria - Linz)-preview

Denise Brunmayr

Finished apprenticeship - office clerk
  1. Why did you start an apprenticeship at ELMET?
    Before my apprenticeship I completed several taster days and got a lot of positive impressions of the company, the employees and their workflow. The joy in work has motivated me.
  2. Briefly describe your work at ELMET? 
    After introductionin all stages my working areas were correspondence, order processing, human resources, accounting, organization, etc. 
  3. What do you like at ELMET?
    I can always count on my colleagues. It's never boring and I still enjoy working. The working atmosphere in the company is very positive and I feel here just as well as at the beginning.


Clemens Fehrer

Apprentice - Tool making technician
  1. Why did you start an apprenticeship at ELMET?
    Because I was interested in the profession and liked ELMET most among the companies were I had taster days.
  2. Briefly describe your work at ELMET?
    I've seen and done everything from the production of the parts over the assembly of the mold to the final application.
  3. What do you like at ELMET?
    The work climate is good and even as a trainee you are really challenged.

Daniel Kräutl

Apprentice - Plastics technician/tool making technician
  1. Why did you start an apprenticeship at ELMET?
    Because of a presentation at my school and the large variety of education opportunities.
  2. Briefly describe your work at ELMET?
    Milling and drilling in the apprenticeship center, CNC-milling in the apprenticeship center and in the tool shop. But the highlight was the EDM experience in the tool shop.
  3. What do you like at ELMET?
    The good work climate and the flexible working hours.

Michael Wagner

Apprentice - Tool making technician
  1. Why did you start an apprenticeship at ELMET?
    ELMET has an apprenticeship center with full-time training. The company has a very friendly appearance, which turned out to live up to its promises.
  2. Briefly describe your work at ELMET?
    In the first year I was in the training workshop where I learned filing, turning, milling, etc. In the second year I was in the tool shop. I liked it very well. Since the 3rd year I have been working in the tool shop and will continue to work there as a specialist.
  3. What do you like at ELMET?
    In this company, there are very nice fellows who help and support me.

Fit for Future with ELMET


  • In addition to their salary and the outstanding training program apprentices at ELMET have more advantages
    • Contribution for lunch
    • Contribution  for fruit
    • Contribution  for mineral water
    • Workware
    • Health care by a company doctor
    • Vaccinations by the company doctor
    • Comprehensive social skills program
    • Free use of gym "FIT INN" in the Plus City mall
  • Which documents should your application contain:
    • Letter of application
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Certificates/report card
    • Written character
  • Curriculum vitae:
    • The curriculum is the core of the application.
    • Maintain a clear structure and a complete list of your previous trainings and/or former jobs (what tasks - in what position - in what company).
    • Please state time data on a monthly basis.
    • Your photo should be up to date.
  • Letter of application:
    • Make a short introduction and explain why you are applying for the job.
    • We would like to receive an authentic picture of you through your application. Therefore, it is important that your personality is reflected best.
    • The focus should be on things that describe your current situation. Make recourses to the past only if they contribute to a "bigger picture".